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Outstanding Talents0The Korean team has taken first place for six consecutive times at the International Abilympics 2016 in Bordeaux, France. Members of the team proved they overcame their physical difficulties, winning 14 gold, 8 silver, and 2 bronze medals. They showed extraordinary skills in various professional fields, such as web mastering, designing characters, and welding.

People without physical challenges sometimes ignore people with disabilities. However, we should remember we are all faced with dangerous situations: A car that violates the signal, sometimes may hit a pedestrian in the crosswalk: Or a person could get injured seriously, while playing sports. So, it is natural to support people who may need help sometimes. We ought not to have any prejudice against them. As a precious being, each of us has his or her own value. We should treat everyone with dignity.



Sean Jung
Editorial Team Manager

Comprehension Questions:

1. What did the Korean team win in the International Abilympics 2016? How many medals did they take home?
2. In what fields did they show extraordinary skills? Give 2-3 answers.
3. What do people without physical challenges sometimes ignore?

Debate Questions:

1. Do you tend to think that disabled people always need your help? Why or why not?
2. What kinds of discrimination do people with disabilities face? Give at least 2 and explain.
3. Cite 1 instance when you were in a dangerous situation. What happened?

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